Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who's Your GoDaddy?

Crybaby Celeb Sues Bad Painter

Keith* Urban is in a huff. I don't know any Keith Urban songs, but if I ever hear one, I will turn it off in protest of his attitude and engorged sense of entitlement. Seems that Mr. Kidman, fresh out of his much-publicized rehab, is suing a guy named Keith Urban, who lives in New Jersey and paints weird, inexplicable stuff like the characters from Married with Children over the US Capitol with a turd salad in the foreground. Wait...come to think of it, that makes perfect sense.

Keith Urban the painter beat Keith Urban the singer to the URL of Keith the singer says Keith the painter is cybersquatting. Keith the painter reserved the URL in 1999.

Guess what, Keith Kidman? You lose. The guy's name is Keith Urban. He's not cybersquatting. He's just faster and smarter than you, even if his paintings suck.

Bob Parsons: care to weigh in here?

*The name Keith viloates the "i before e" rule, so we need to start pronouncing it Kayth.

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