Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Finally - a Death to Celebrate

I hate to get into TV reviewing, but I'll justify this post by telling myself that 24 is more than a TV show, it's a cultural phenomenon.

BuddyTV offers this take on the current season of 24:

24 has become a cliche of itself. Jack Bauer killing friends, or family, has become an expectation anticipated with mockery. The parade of ludicrous deaths has become more of a low rent cabaret of cartoon violence. The character turns have become so telegraphed, they exemplify satire in the theater of the absurd.

But now there's good news. Milo is dead. The guy did nothing at work. He walked around asking people if they were OK. Or accusing them of being moles. Or telling them to do things they were already doing. Or telling them to hurry up. When he wasn't getting in everyone's way, the actor playing him was posing for the camera. Now some Chinese terrorists have seen through this guy's BS and have severely punished him for his shoddy work ethic and arrogance. BuddyTV says "Much to the shock of everyone, the mercenary shoots Milo in the head. Milo dies."

No shock to me. I've been anticipating this moment since they brought this character back. He was much better in Season 1, when he was a quirky granola-munching freelance analyst. You know how when people die, everyone finds something nice to say about them? That won't be happening at CTU. No one liked this guy. Better off dead.

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