Monday, June 11, 2007

Marriage Counselor Headphones

I generally believe that the power of the testimonial in advertising (for certain items) can be effective. Regular people extolling the virtures of some product or service are just more believable than some smooth or smarmy voiceover talent reading the carefully crafted prose of some bitter, dark-souled, lying copywriter. It's just an older form of what has come to be known as "word of mouth marketing." But Darlene and Jack B. of California take it one step beyond in this ad for TV Ears, a gadget for people who can't hear their TVs.

Jack used to keep the TV up so loud, I was damn near ready to stab him. Or at the very least, leave him.
Jack: I used to keep the TV up so loud so I could hear the damned dialog over Darlene's incessant cackling. Man, she howls like a drunk fratboy watching Jackass 2, even when the jokes are formulaic and stupid.
Darlene: The only thing TV Ears can't fix is the sound of Jack chewing popcorn. Since he can only hear the TV now, he smacks and slurps like a frickin' goat - and he doesn't even know he's doing it.
Jack:Thanks, TV Ears, for preventing our marriage from ending tragically.
Darlene: Yes, or ending in a bloody homicide/suicide. We never even have to talk anymore. It's wonderful.

Scanned from Atlantic Monthly

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