Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fun Building

A local air conditioning/electrical /plumbing contractor named Ferran is currently building a new headquarters just south of downtown Orlando, right on Interstate 4. The building distracts me worse than a billboard as I pass it to and from work, so I took some morning and afternoon shots of it while driving by at 70 mph. I think it's a very cool design, especially the giant fan that faces the highway, turning slow enough to see the yellow blades. I suppose in a few years the electrical outlet shaped window facades might seem silly, but it sure grabs my eye every day.

I thought I'd be an architect when I was a kid, but that pesky math thing got in the way. And then I reasoned that most architects probably have to design crappy block apartments and what fun could that be? The group that designed this building, Evans, of Orlando, seems like a fun place to work. They've done some cool stuff around town. I've driven past their building downtown and you can see inside. The cubicles, if you can call them cubicles, are really little houses, the whole space resembling a small town.

click for better view

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