Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Gonna Make You a Star

Band Names from Google News Headlines, Volume IX

Every day across the world, thousands of dreamers begin the fruitless quest to make money with their music. Be it the misunderstood rapper from Taiwan, a clan of avant-garde neo-punks from Vancouver or a coven of sunlight deprived death-metalists in Greenland, everyone is going to need a catchy name for their act if they hope to catch the interest of the record label…wait a minute…the record labels are dying.

Well, if they ever hope to get you to click on their MySpace page and download their music and them maybe sell you a T-shirt, or if they ever hope to get booked into some seedy club in downtown Sacramento where they can sell you a T-shirt, they’ll need a name. Here are some possible band names you dreamers can use, courtesy of today’s Google News Headlines.

  • Braced for Floods
  • Fantasy Camp
  • The Blind Black Governors
  • Wright’s Brothers
  • Kilauea Eruption
  • The Rioting Monks
  • Extra Solar Organic

  • Here are a bunch more.

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