Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aromatic and Festive On Occasion

Some of the most talented, devious writers are real estate agents. They can make a horrible property sound fun and exciting. “Tiny shithole” becomes “Cozy bungalow.” “In the ghetto” is now “Close to schools, buses and hospital.” “Death trap about to collapse” is transformed into “Needs a little TLC.”

I was frittering and wasting some hours in an offhand way* today, having fun with Google Maps street views. I found a lovely home in Indianapolis that could be described as “Great starter home with large lot! Detached double garage could be workshop for handyman or hobbyist! Room for your boat or RV! Popular neighborhood with a great reputation.”

Here’s the view from the front door; the porta-johns and grandstands of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

* Floyd is so overrated.

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