Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seven Other Places

Links can be your ticket to riches!
(Sometimes referred to as "Affiliate Marketing.")

Here are seven other places you could be right now on this great big webbed thing we call the Intertube.

  1. Pork Earmarks. Speckles is out of touch and Unfit to Lead.
  2. Baltimore's own M.M. McDermott explains why Gates/Seinfeld were successful for Microsoft.
  3. Rick Sanchez is twitting, tweeting and facebooking the hell out of the Wall Street thing.
  4. Drew sometimes strikes out. Drawing two comics a day will do that to anyone. He hits a homer with "Interview over Lunch."
  5. Leave Alec Alone! "Like a bareback unicorn orgy on a cloud made of rainbow colored cookie dough."
  6. "He's on the agency side, she's on the client side." (Sounds like the lead-in to a sitcom.) A new ad blog called "Married to the Enemy."
  7. Uncle Sam comin' to get ya! (From my other blog, a place to indulge my other personalities, because admitting you're insane is the first step toward recovery.)

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