Saturday, October 11, 2008

Warm Your Cold Heart for a Minute

I ride around the neighborhood and count the woefully outnumbered Obama signs to McCain signs. (34 to 5 on a seven mile ride) I open the paper to economic doom and gloom. I turn on my TV to shouting, blood-thirsty fascists at rallies. And then, standing behind a man at 7-11 who is buying a McCain coffee cup, I find myself secretly despising him and questioning HIS patriotism.

When it's all over, we will still have much in common. Our football teams will unite us, our hobbies, our music, our jobs and the daily tasks within those jobs.

And of course, our pets.

This is a member of the US Air Force returning from Iraq after 14 months and being welcomed home by his two Australian shepherds. Watch this and try not to smile.

Seen at the Atlantic.

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