Monday, February 16, 2009

Mayonnaise is Looking for Fans on Facebook

Yes it is.

Donna Wood of Switzerland writes on Hellmann's wall:
"Hellmans is the best, I eat mayo with everything, so does my son and so does my mum, we are addicted!!! lol!

Dallas Edwards of Australia writes:
Oh my gosh! i just tried it tonight and there is no way in hell im going back to the other crap i've been eating!

Jonathan Trackwell of Los Angeles says simply:
I love you Hellmann's.

There is a group on Facebook that wants to get mayo into McDonald's in the UK.

Who knows how much of that is seeded by Hellmann's? I'm not sure it really matters anymore. The fact remains: it's a weird world out there for brands.

Hellmann's was used last night at my house. I may as well jump on the UGC bandwagon now.

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