Sunday, September 13, 2009

Your Sunday Evenin' Makin' Dinner Music Video

I've always contended that Austin-based Bob Schneider just needs to rebrand and he'd do better. His name is too close to B-list "comedian" and Adam Sandler bud Rob Schneider. Unless someone tells you, "Hey, you shoud listen to this Bob Schneider CD," there's nothing in his "brand" that would cause you to give him a listen. Word of mouth marketing is great, but it only takes you so far. Bob's name doesn't jump at you like "Kid Rock" or "Jay-Z" or even (yes, I'm going to say it) "Kajagoogoo." It's a hindrance. Too common. C'mon, Bob, step it up. Ditch the family pride and get a new name. This song is called "Cap'n Kirk."

A better song (and a really lame fan video) is Big Blue Sea.

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