Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Excerpts from Emails I Get

Inspired by Bill Green's Overheard Internet feature, I'm pasting randomness from friends, colleagues and relatives I've received through that antiquated form of communication, Electronic Mail.

"As for your unsolicited comment about my favorite video, yours is the first negative comment I've received. Everyone seems to think it's great. In fact, a television producer in Houston wants to use it in a piece she's doing. I will keep your comment in mind as I continue to collect nothing but positive reviews."

"I like getting dirty. Put new shocks on my truck yesterday, that was fun! That kind of stuff is much more rewarding to me than typing things into the glowing rectangle."

"I'm forwarding this issue to you because it has a link to an interesting article about Facebook.  The article itself contains a link to a video of a George Stephanopoulos ABC interview of a school principal who advocates not letting kids on Facebook." 

"You won't be in any jeopardy. Send me the check when yours arrive. No problem on this end. Thanks for letting me know and caring."

"The Shindiawas have a ferrule/bushing where the fuel line passes into the tank so you may want to check for an air leak on both sides of the tank ferrule. To check for an air leak there I usually pull the filter and line through the fill cap, clamp it off there then remove the same line from the carb and pressurize it to see if it holds pressure."

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