Friday, November 12, 2010

Testimonials (From Your Family) Don't Lie

The people who know you best can be your worst critics, so when I read this, I was sorta pleased. My oldest sister, a former Washington journalist turned DC PR pro (writing runs in the family) sent me this email late last night:

Long ago I downloaded your jetpack song from iTunes (think it was from iTunes), but never got a chance to listen to it. So I'm going
through the house doing my chores with my iPod on, and then this song comes on and I'm thinking, "That has a nice beat. I like it." Then I'm sort of dancing to it while doing my chores. And it wasn't until halfway through I realized -- it was you!

Do more.


In other words, "I was quite surprised that my little brother made a song that I like. Usually when he comes up here, I'm trying to grab the guitar from him and make him stop his raucous jamming on my acoustic, which was built for sweet melodies and sincere songs." 

So, be like my sister and dance while doing your chores. Or whistle while you work. Whatever. I'm far short of paying for a new roof with the proceeds from your purchases, so get busy.

You want a harder sell? Like, the hardest sell ever? See here.

And when you're done doing that, go "Like" the group on Facebook.

And yes, I'm doing more.

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