Saturday, July 29, 2006

Branding the War

Hi, I'm Anderson Cooper, and I think I am pretty damned cool over here in the desert. I used to flinch when the artillery shells went off. Not anymore. I am battle hardened now.Fox News was calling it "Cost of Freedom," while CNN is going with the more generic "CRISIS! (drum, drum drum) In the Middle East"

They should call it "Crisis In The Middle East, starring Anderson Cooper" brought to you by Capital One. (With really cool fly-over battlefield graphics brought to you by our friends at Google Earth.)

This guy may be a good journalist and we can forgive his silver-spooned upbringing, but the war is not about you, Grandstanderson Pooper, and we don't care to hear about your "hardship" as you stay embedded with Israeli troops. Go hang out with Hezbollah for a few days and get that story, then you might earn some respect.

Bloggers of the Middle East are in a rage at what they perceive as the one-sided, truth-hiding coverage of CNN.

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