Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blog Buzz Reconnaissance

magically deliciousThere is a not so secret practice going on in blogs whereby a hack employed in some capacity by a client makes the rounds and finds negativity about the client's products on a blog. Then they post as an anonymous or non-linked person to counter the negativity.

Case in point: George Parker rips Domino's a new one for their attempt to create fudge. Then along comes "Dawn" with the comment, "Have you tried them? They are actually really good. I was amazed."

I couldn't write worse radio copy in my sleep.

If you're going to lurk among the blogs and counter every bad thing said about your client, have the balls to admit who you are, or at least provide a legitimate link to an actual person, company or agency.

Dawn, if you are a real person who is in no way working for Domino's, I apologize. Enjoy your fudgems.

UPDATE: Dawn posted again at Parker's site, saying: "I don't work for dominos. I actually usally hate dominos. We only ordered it because the neighborhood place had a plumbing issues. The pizza was allright but the little brownie things were really good."

My bad. Sorry, Dawn, but you'd still make a great Domino's blog commando.

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