Thursday, August 10, 2006

Copywriters, Meet Your Maker

Hey Hey Mama - what's the matter here?The original Copywriter was in the Market one day when he spied a new face. She seemed trusting. A perfect mark for some lines he’d been dying to try out. “She will succumb to my promise of a better life,” the Copywriter told himself. If he could get her to buy, she might even refer a friend. His own forbidden fruit sales force, repeating his lines and selling his dream.

She bought and convinced her husband to buy. Nevermind the warnings they’d heard back in the Beginning, they now heard promises from the Copywriter.

But then they were forced to read the fine print that explained the details of the purchase. You bought it, now you must endure the side effects: pain, uneasiness, toil and tears. Told you in the contract, remember? And what did the Copywriter do? He laughed all the way to the bank. "Caveat emptor and all that," he told himself.

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