Monday, August 07, 2006

Copywriting for Food

I don't got no alt-image tags, Bitch!While in St. Louis over the weekend, our hosts treated us to a very nice lunch at a popular local restaurant. I was both impressed and dismayed with the descriptions on the menu.

Here's an actual sample from the menu, proving that hiring fancy writers for your food enables you to jack up the prices:

Grilled Certified Black Angus Aged Filet with Cabernet Cracked Pepper Butter and Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes.

Ummm. Steak and mashed potaotes, I think.

Then, driving through rural Georgia on Sunday, listening to old-time Black Gospel radio, a preacher from Mount Nebo Baptist Church in Griffin, Georgia invited all to come to his church, as they would be "laying out supper." His descriptions were poetic.

"Fried chicken, baked chicken, collard greens. Yes, I said it! Collard greens! Potatoe pie. Iced tea with tears streaming down the outside of the glass."

Tears streaming down the outside of the glass. Beautiful. Made me thirsty.

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