Sunday, August 20, 2006

Georgie's Show is Hurting

Crap! We're last place in the Sunday news ratings AGAIN?We like to watch the Sunday Morning News Shows around here. Of particular interest to me are the sponsors, with the likes of BP and Merck showing up with mind-numbing frequency, pretending to care about the health and well-being of the planet and you personally.

George's show started off with a glitch, as the tape operator at the local affiliate was apparently asleep at the wheel, starting the show again 11 minutes in.

The final commerical break had only one commercial, a sleep-inducing ad for the "100 Greatest Classical Recordings in the History of the Universe ," followed by nothing but ABC promos for other shows, including their new destined-to-fail series starring Ted "I can't do shit since Cheers" Danson.

Sadly, I think sponsors are shying away from Stephie. Must be the numbers. His show has been hurting from day one, lagging behind other hotshots like Russert and Matthews and the venerable Schieffer. In his defense, he keeps it balanced and doesn't interrupt everyone like Matthews or shout at ear-splitting levels like Russert. And that might be the problem. George is too much the quiet gentleman - and Americans like everything "X-treme." He also carries his Clinton baggage, which has to be killing him in Red State homes with a Nielsen box.

Suggestion for This Week with George Stephanopoulos: Have George punch someone he disagrees with every week. Even women. Americans would love to see that and the big-bucks sponsors would line up.

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