Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nexium for Single/Divorced/Widowed Dads

Oh, come on, like I'm going to link you to the purple pill website. What's in it for me?Watching one or three of the news channels last night, I saw a spot for the "Purple Pill" (great branding, by the way) in which a man is talking about his rotting esophagus due to acid reflux as he prepares a meal for his kids in the kitchen. Mom is nowhere to be found.

He continues talking about how Nexium not only makes him feel better, it is also repairing his crusty throat. He goes about his day, shuffling kids here and there. Still, no Mom.

At spot's end, he's standing on the lawn in front of his house with all of his kids. No Mom.

Surely Dads raising kids on their own aren't the target market, and surely that is a very small segment of the population anyway. So I'm wondering why this angle? Is this like the 80s when they started showing physically challenged people in TV ads to prove how in touch with the market they were? Or that T-Mobile spot that includes a gay couple? Take it back a few decades and it was groundbreaking to feature people of color in an ad. I guess single Dads are the final frontier. We are truly an all-inclusive society now.

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