Monday, August 28, 2006

One Less Not-So-Funny Site to Visit

Arrrrgh! We're Fake Pirates!Don't know where I've been, but the news that the website "Office Pirates," (run by Time, Inc.) was shutting down took me by surprise. Surprised because I'd never heard of Office Pirates. And not a moment too soon. It's a retarded website striving to be funny, only trying too hard and not succeeding.

Just how piratey can a site be when it's run by a huge corporation like Time? Not very. Let's start with the name Office Pirates. Oh, clever. "We're edgy. We're subversive. We're rogues. We're Boys Gone Wild." No you're not. You're way too late to this game and you're still Time, Inc. And if you have to have "pirate" in your name, you're the furthest thing from a pirate.

Seen it. Visited it. It's called The Onion, College Humor, Something Awful, or And as funny as those sites sometimes are, (and one or two are bookmarked) I still don't frequent them as often as I do funny ad sites like Scam, Rant and Freak, which offer the same things: videos, women and ribald humor.

Office Pirates apparently had nothing new to offer and was using the exact same formula to reach online males: "Mix fake 'funny' stories, dumb polls, random photographs of hot women on the street, and silly videos, and Axe Body Spray will shell out millions of dollars to be on our site! Woo-hoo!"

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