Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is Only a Test (of Redmond's Legal Team)

I was browsing my daily reads and noticed Tim over at AdFreak had posted the links to the Microsoft UK films by Gervais and Merchant - the same ones removed from YouTube late last week under threat of legal action. Seems Google Video still has them running. So here they are, not only linked but embedded, as further bait for the lawsuit-hungry fools over at Microsoft who don't recognize great grassroots PR when it's working in their favor. And if Microsoft wants to play legal games with this little F-list blog, please take your fight to Google, because we'd all love to see a big knockdown drag-out between you giants.

(HINT TO MICROSOFT: Don't be retarded. People love these videos and they are doing your reputation a world of good. Let them run. You are undoing years of bad PR with this humor.)

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