Monday, September 18, 2006

How White My Shirts Can Be

I can't get no...

In 1981 the Stones caused a mild shockwave among music fans when their tour was sponsored by Jovan. Somehow, "The Man" had got a hold of Rock's Royal Rebels and caused them to "Sell Out." Not everyone was aware that the Stones had been flirting with the Advertising Devil since 1964.

Anheuser-Busch coughed up around $6 million to sponsor the Steel Wheels tour. Volkswagon jumped aboard for the Voodoo Lounge tour, and Sprint was there for Bridges to Babylon. And let's not forget the disaster that was the Ameriquest SuperBowl Halftime Show featuring the Rolling Stones, as well as Start Me Up, better known by its alternate title Theme to Windows 95.

He's telling me more and more - 'bout some useless information supposed to fire my imaginationSo, I'm at my local Radio Shack this morning (needed a battery for the house alarm system) and this giant poster greets me from the front window, followed by more point-of-purchase countertops and reminders that the Bigger Bang tour is sponsored by Radio Shack. Enter the Sweepstakes! Hurry! Act Now!

These guys are the masters of marketing. Not Radio Shack - the Stones.

Ross Halfin notes in his 9/16 entry that the Stones didn't bother to watch The Who recently in Boston, even though they were in Boston rehearsing. They can't be bothered. They've got deals to cut. This is a business. They are "The Man."

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