Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pepsi - Choice of a Suicide Bomber Generation

If you love your country and support the troops, you will drink Coke.Sunday's New York Times Magazine cover story on Guantanamo contains this choice nugget, buried deep within the story.

"Guard officers suggested soccer and volleyball tournaments to the compliant detainees in Camp 4. The detainees came back asking that a prize — two-liter bottles of Pepsi — be awarded to the winners. (The detainees disdained Coca-Cola, guards said.)"

Was it a taste preference on the part of the detainees? Surveys were not conducted. Likely instead it was an association of Coke with all things American.

So, if you're Coke, you can play this up as "Coca-Cola is preferred by Patriots and hated by Terrorists," or maybe "Pepsi is preferred overwhelmingly by those who wish harm to the American people."
After a long day of shouting 'Death to America,' nothing satisfies quite like a Pepsi.
If you're Pepsi, you hope nobody notices this silly story while you concentrate on strengthening your market lead in the Middle East.

Related note: Earlier this month, Coke opened a $25 Million bottling plant in Afghanistan.

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