Monday, September 18, 2006

Read The Times - or Die!

All The News That Fits - We Print
We made the switch to the New York Times last May, disappointed with our local paper's attempts to be the People Magazine of Florida, with way too many "special features" about not-so-special stuff and limited coverage of world politics and national events. The whole "we're your hometown local paper" is fine if your town has some real news happening in it, but ours usually doesn't.

Now the Times is about to blitz you with a campaign to increase subscription numbers and readership. The paper is worth it, even if your local edition's print time makes it impossible to include coverage of your favorite local college football team's exploits on Saturday, as is the case here.

"These Times Demand the Times" as a slogan is a little on the "scare tactic" end of things, sounding a bit like the local news promos that insist you will die if you don't have News Team 4 watching your back and giving you weather warnings. It's a very well done site and pretty comprehensive, containing all the things you'd expect these days; video, links to stuff, cool soundtrack. (But surprisingly no ringtones or wallpapers to download.)

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