Friday, October 13, 2006

Bass Players Converge on VW

(PALO ALTO, CA) Angered at what they call "the continued ignorance of marketers and advertisers," a coalition of bass players assembled in front of VW's Electronics Research Laboratory here, demanding that Volkswagen also offer a free bass with its new cars. The carmaker is currently offering a free guitar that can be played through a vehicle's sound system.

"We know what people say, we hear the jokes," said Geddy Lee, spokesman for the group, "We know they always say 'bass players can't get laid,' or 'how many bass players does it take to screw in a lightbulb,'" but this has gone too far!"

VW's current crop of TV ads, produced by ad agency CP+B, feature guitarist Slash of Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver fame, as well as the actor Christopher Guest, reprising the role of Nigel Tufnel from the film "This is Spinal Tap." Both guitarists are playing First Act guitars, which are plugged in to the car as they loudly play solos.

"Guitarists get all the glory," said Lee, "They get the better hotel rooms, the limelight, the solos. Unless you're Flea, out there running up and down the stage, jumping and mugging for the audience, no one is paying the bassist any attention. Volkswagen has taken this inattention to a new level and we are sick of it."

So, how many bass players does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Jill Spokeshack of CP+B answers, "I didn't write this joke, so please don't blame me, but the answer is 'None. Who wants to see a bass player in the light?'"

VW officials were unreachable for comment at press time.

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  • YES! I am a bassist and fuck yeah, we're being discriminated against.

    By Blogger Slinky Redfoot, at October 13, 2006 at 11:07 AM  

  • Actually, It takes NONE. The Keyboard player does it with their left hand! Nice to see that Geddy is still out doing something, the most melidicly centered bass player in history. Where's Marcus Miller to represent the slap/funk genre?
    Jim Cox, former bassist of the Ozark Country Jubilee ( currently a guitar player at a local Baptist Church )

    By Blogger warbird2010, at October 13, 2006 at 11:18 AM  

  • Want to do something really revolutionary, VW? put drumpads on the steering wheel and a keyboard on the dashboard.

    Damn that'd be cool.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 13, 2006 at 2:10 PM  

  • Funny, James...I was trying to Photoshop something along those lines, but I think I've beat this horse to death....until they come out with another spot!

    By Blogger Jetpacks, at October 13, 2006 at 2:17 PM  

  • Can’t spell bass without Jaco.

    By Blogger Make the logo bigger, at October 15, 2006 at 8:06 PM  

  • Come on guys, is the argument that if I play the accordion they should have an electric accordion option too? (No offense to you accordion players) Well, First Act does make basses, so maybe if a petition is started you could get them to include a quality custom made one to. I also think the ipod idea is going to be out of date in about 3 seconds, they have car systems on the market right now that can carry up to 20 gigs worth of music. I think the guitar idea is a cool way to make the VW brand youthful, like they tried to do with the bike promo. The new ad has John Mayer in it and is a lot like the Slash one, its ok, but I think I like the Slash one better, because its Slash…

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 17, 2006 at 2:11 PM  

  • that you?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 17, 2006 at 2:22 PM  

  • Anon:

    There was no real argument here - it was just a fun jibe at bassists, really - not so much VW. Bassists are always getting scant attention.

    By Blogger Jetpacks, at October 17, 2006 at 3:23 PM  

  • No, I'm not Crispin, I'm just here for the bud light.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 26, 2006 at 11:29 AM  

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