Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can't Get Away

Just got back from a short trip to the beach, where we hoped to unwind and catch some waves and just "turn it all off" for a few days.

While we did ride a few decent sets of waves and enjoyed some margartias and Coronas (Light, thank you, George Parker) my wife's email was buzzing like crazy, her ferociously inept coworkers and insanely dimwitted superiors apparently not able to decipher the email that said "I'll be out through Tuesday," and unable to wipe their asses without sending a request to do so. Never bring the laptop on a mini-vacation again. Need to adopt the Hespos model of the "off the grid" getaway.

And, of course, the state of affairs of this God-forsaken nation just got worse in the few days we were gone - and we were unable to avoid the news as it blared at us from headlines in convenience stores or in news crawls on TV. From masturbating pedophile AIM using congressmen to little Amish girl-shooting milkmen, I think we can safely say that the days are officially evil.

Almost makes the escapist world of marketing and advertising seem like a vacation.

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