Thursday, October 05, 2006

Direct Mail Jesus

Yo! What's up? Got a little present for you!"I am come that they might have mail, and that they might have it more abundantly."

The local Baptist church folks took it upon themselves to mail a New Testament to every single address in the area. It was wrapped in a nice little package and of course included many leaflets and invitations for us to find a great place to worship just up the hill. The Volume had a new title; they called it "The Gift."

I'm sure this church has everything I need, including a "Jaded Copywriters Between the Ages of 25 and 44" Sunday School Class.

As if their flashing marquee in front of their building wasn't enough of an annoyance and intrusion, with its clever little messages like "CH__CH...What's Missing?...U-R!" now they have gone the direct mail route in their continued attempts to model their evangelistic efforts on the world's marketing schemes.

Next they will be flashing banners at me. I'm sure if they had the cash, they'd throw a spot or two on TV and radio.

I know this will offend those who specialize in church marketing and "church growth" - but too bad. I remember this dude in your New Testament who turned over the tables of the merchants in the courtyard of the temple. Something about "den of thieves," I think.

Memo to churches: Is it a business or is it a ministry? Are your methods "of the Spirit" or are they perhaps of a darker nature? If what you're selling is so fantastic, I'll bet it would sell itself.

Word of mouth, testimonial, conversational know...

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