Monday, October 30, 2006

I Blog For Your Brand

I read over at AdPulp that people are being paid to blog now, with product placement opportunities being passed around to bloggers willing to be shills for about $5 per post. You can sign up here.

What a bunch of crap. Or not.

Hey, Toyota! I've owned a few of your vehicles. Works great. Lasts a long time. (Payment should be a restored mid-70s Land Cruiser, with bench seats in back and no seat belts. Red.)

Hey, Corona! I'm doing this for you! I love your beer and how it flouts the Man Law of "No Fruit in Beer!" (Please pay me with a few cases of your low calorie, highly delicious Corona Light.)

Hey, Starbucks! I HATE your stuff and will never blog positively about you. You are expensive, pretentious, overrated and ubiquitous.

Hey, 7-11! I like to fill a large cup 1/3 of the way with the instant cappuccino, couple of ice cubes so I can drink it without burning my esophagus, then fill it to the top with the house blend. Cheap, tasty and loaded with early morning get-up-and-go-ness. In honor of me, we will name this unique blend "Jet Fuel." (Payment is free coffee for life.)

Hey, VW. I've owned a couple of your cars and they really, really, really sucked. I am willing to try again for a free car. (Passat. Loaded)

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