Monday, October 09, 2006

Size Matters

That's right - I'm eatin' it.So...let's say your fastfood client comes to you with another heart-attack inducing menu item, like a chalupa wrapped in a burrito which is deep-fried in mayonnaise and syrup and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. And they want this thing to sell! If it isn't pizza crust stuffed with cheese, then it's another patty on your already too-big burger. Americans like it BIG, excessive, over-the-top, outrageous - so BK added another patty to the Whopper.

As a writer or concept developer for the agency tasked with making this thing sell, where would you start?

For all the huffing and puffing being directed at BK and CP+B for the "Eat like a Snake" spot, I think they went the honest route. You've got a gigantic burger that no sane person should be eating, so why not hint that only a snake, (or if we take the symbology: an immoral, demon-possessed, belly-crawling, low-down, got-no-appendages, black-eyed cold-blooded reptile) might enjoy this big-ass burger? But has anyone seen this spot on TV yet or is it only on YouTube? And from the surroundings, it appears this ad was meant for a foreign market. (And it's a :60, pretty rare here for fastfood.) Are we all maybe playing into a viral focus group on the part of CP+B?

Whatever - it won't be on the menu for long. None of these items ever last. Remember the Rodeo Burger from BK? (With onion rings on it.)

I'm still not sure why someone doesn't hawk a shake and fries combo. Every kid I've ever known (myself included) loves to dip fries in a chocolate shake.

But hey, why not Skip a Lunch and Save a Nation instead?


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