Thursday, November 09, 2006

Advertise in the Comics

Ad space is being made available on Radio Free Babylon's comics. The company is today announcing (exclusively through this blog) that the comic "Joe Zark" is ready to be a media whore. Your company's logo can appear on Joe's hat ($475) or Joe's overalls ($475) or both (a bargain at $900). Joe will also hold/use/mention your product for $500.

RFB says, "Once we've got a bunch of suckers lined up, we'll start drawing more panels. And don't ask us about 'impressions' or 'cost per eyeball' or any of that other media jive. We don't know that stuff."

From the media kit: "Joe Zark" is a [unsyndicated] current events and political cartoon that tries not to take sides with any political party, featuring the observations of Joe Zark, a farmer from Sparta, Missouri. “Joe is a lovable character, despite his apparent grumpiness and appetite for misinformation. In fact, it is his grumpiness that makes him lovable. Then again, a guy like Joe would get grumpy if you called him lovable,” says "Joe Zark" creator, K.D. King. [a lame pseudonym.]

Similar opportunities are being planned for other RFB comics.

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