Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Silly Blog Games

F-in beautiful, isn't it? Dream on, Brits.Seems the Chimp Messiah has called me out, suggesting that I am perhaps a redneck because I live in the Sub-South. ("Deeper than the Deep South" - Translation: Florida.) Apparently the game works like this: You get "tagged" - then you have to reveal some dumb unknowns about yourself. Then you are allowed to call out others. So in the interest of perpetuating the incestuous ad blog community and in deference to my Chimp Brethren, I will play along.

So here you go, Descendent of Monkeys. Some Jetpacks Facts. Although the game only calls for five, I will provide some bonus notes. There will be a test on Friday.

1. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany and attended a different school nearly every year, covering New York, Washington State, Georgia, Virginia, Kansas, California (twice), Oklahoma (twice), Texas and then Germany again and California again (for a third time). Also a long stint in Missouri. (Or "Purgatory" for you Catholics.) As a result, I have no discernable accent.

2. To my knowledge, I was the youngest person (aged 12) to have ever helped install an antennae on the roof of the Pentagon.

3. I am a licensed, ordained minister and can legally marry and bury you.

4. I telecommute to New York and Dallas, and it rules. The closest thing to the Jetpack Lifestyle that they promised. I am looking at a canal (which has alligators in it) from where I sit typing this. (Pictured at top. Cue redneck banjo music. Ned Beatty enters, stage left.)

5. I grill a mean salmon.

6. My dog plays frisbee. He has a blog.

7. Though we have three cars in our family, not one of them is American. And I will never buy a Chevy because I hate John Cougar Mellencamp for reasons I won't go into.

And now, I will call out the following bloggers:

Copyranter...because he will refuse to play this stupid game.

Ariel...because she will play this silly game.

Hespos...because he thinks too deeply about this ad biz.

George Parker...because he will drop f-bombs all over his post.

James H...because he will crap all over this game.

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