Monday, January 15, 2007

Shot Rings Out in the Memphis Sky

Sign it, BITCH!Lest we forget, Ronald Reagan seriously dragged his feet on making today a holiday, saying something along the lines of "We already have enough federal holidays."

That's why this picture is so poignant, in which a defeated and not too pleased RR signs the bill while a triumphant Mrs. King looks on with what could be described as barely concealed disdain.

And in a subtle twist of irony, are there any historians out there who remember why King was in Memphis on that "early morning, April 4?" To march in solidarity with that city’s trash collectors, who had gone on strike for decent wages. And today, here in Jetpackland, my city's trash collectors, most of whom are black, do not have the day off. (pictured below) Perhaps they make decent wages. (U2's song is factually incorrect. Dr. King was shot in the early evening of April 4th, at approximately 5PM, on his way to dinner.)

In the Memphis hotel where King was shot, he was preparing a sermon for the coming weekend. It's title: "Why America May Go to Hell." No. Seriously.trash collection in Florida on MLK day

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