Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Super Bowl Guarantee

Now I hate the Patriots more than I ever didMy closet is shamed to hold this formerly lovely longsleeve T-shirt.

My team won't be there, but maybe your brand can be. CBS has sold only about 70% of the game's inventory, so if you've got $2.6 million, it's time to act.

Bill Green over at Make the Logo Bigger is issuing his version of Joe Namath's Super Bowl Guarantee. Bill will deliver you a much-talked-about :30 spot that runs during the big game. Or a series of spots if you've really got the urge to make a name for yourself.

From Mr. Green is this deal-clincher: "The charge? None. Free. Zilch. Not one fee for creative. No fee for production either. No mark-up on anything. You buy the slot. That’s it."

He's revealed to me the payoff and it's really a fine idea. Take him up on it if you've got the guts and the cash.

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