Tuesday, January 02, 2007

US Airways Gets Mean

When I was an all aloner, nothin but a two beachcomber
Just spent a week in Destin, Florida. (City motto: "Where Midwesterners Come Because it's a Straight Shot South") We chose it because it was a good central location for an extended family reunion as revelers from various states rented a beach house and proceeded to forget the week through tequila, various colored wines and many varieties of beer. Also lots of football on TV and football on the beach. And TWO showings of Talledega Nights, which is some funny stuff.

ANYWAY, there is a "free and fortnightly" publication up there called "The Beachcomber," which you can pick up anywhere, filled with advertising, advertorial crap and schedules for bad bands in worse bars.

I'm fairly sure US Airways had nothing to do with this ad and they've probably already received some angry phone calls for it, but it sure does jump off the page of this December 14th issue of the local rag. I would guess The Beachcomber staff are in trouble for this one.

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