Thursday, January 04, 2007

US Airways + Muslims: Final Update

Wanna see my landing strip?Andrea Rader, Director of Corporate Communications for US Airways, assures me that her company had nothing to do with the ad I found in the Destin Beachcomber. She comments on yesterday's post. Andrea has been in the news of late, trying to assuage the outrage of Muslims following an incident in Minneapolis.

So I'm guessing it was a prankster in the Destin area, if not among the staff of the "free and fortnightly" rag. Darn! Scandal averted. Where's My Jetpack? not getting Pulitzer for investigative journalism.

Pictured here is not Andrea Rader, but an old PSA ad. PSA was bought by USAir in 1988. (They rebranded themselves as US Airways in 1996.) This ad is from 1979, a shameless era during which provocative imagery was wantonly used in advertising. Thankfully, we all learned the lesson of that failed foray: Sex Doesn't Sell.

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