Thursday, March 08, 2007

Now is the Time on Sprockets When We Dance

In my never ending quest to satisfy my addiction to bad Hungarian TV ads, I found this 13-second art film from the 1970s, advertising something called Chemotox. (OK, "art film" is a stretch.) Chemotox. How very Eastern European sounding and Cold War scary. The packaging on that can is so minimalist and subdued! I need a translator. I guess it's a bug spray. I bet the woman is saying, "Don't let giant mutant radioactive roaches ruin your government subsidized shag pad. Kill them dead with Chemotox." Jazzy music bed suggests the action will commence shortly in the love shack of leopard print woman.

Previously in Hungarian TV

Thanks again to Chimp for unearthing this curious art form.
Note to the fine Citizens of Hungary: I'm not laughing AT you - I'm laughing WITH you.


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