Monday, March 12, 2007

Where The Egos Fly

Are you threatening me?Don't want to get too sentimental for those who come here for cynical tirades against stupid stuff, but bear with me as I unveil my plan for world peace.

This business, more than most I think, is full of giant egos and stubborn buttheads. If it isn't sales arguing with creative, it's creatives differing with one another on direction, tone or a certain font. I'm not talking about the healthy disagreements encountered in the give and take of collaboration, more about the heels dug in "my way or the highway" types. Then again, it's just the human condition to be proud, defensive and stubborn and not a unique thing to artists and salespeople. I guess that's why we have problems with relationships and difficulties in politics.

And while I know the answer to Rodney King's famous question, "Can't we all just get along?" is a firm, loud "No!" and that John Lennon, Bono and other doves are naive dreamers, after witnessing a brutal exchange in a former job where both parties were acting like total babies, I couldn't resist writing this.

This will have music someday, and if I find out that someone used these lyrics without giving me lots of money first, I will kill that person in a fit of creative rage, "passion" being my defense in court. And besides, the lyrics carry a fake copyright notice at the bottom that is supposed to scare you and make you play nice. Also, this is not a creative workshop whereby you suggest how this might be improved with your comments. I like it how it is and I'm not changing it. My way or the highway, baby!

Broken Bread

Everyone I meet makes me smile
they make me smile
most of them, anyway
it only takes a little while
just a while
to see past the cold and gray

And what I don’t like in you
is what I hate about me
the things that you are
the way you can be
cold or just cool with a selfish streak
yeah, I see that in me

I want a prescription for x-ray vision
and you need to learn to bend steel

maybe we could leap some tall buildings
and in a single bound
we would feel the real deal

I think I’ll order the broken bread

we can split the two for one meal

I’ll try to keep my elbows off the table

and in a single bite

I’ll bet we’d taste the real deal

And there might be a few
there might be two or three
who aren’t quite mirrors
and you can’t quite see
shield your eyes or they’ll make you weak
straining so hard, yeah I see it in me

I’m not offering a deal
and you don’t need to make a trade
like I’ll dance in your sun
if you’ll walk in my shade
hot or just warm with a soft breeze
yeah, I see you in me

You need a prescription for x-ray vision

and I want to learn to bend steel

maybe we could crash some stone gates

and in a single bound
we would feel the real deal

Go on and order the broken bread

we’ll split the two for one meal

we’ll find a hot sauce we both can stand

and in a single bite

I’ll bet we'd taste the real deal

©2007 Where’s My Jetpack?

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