Friday, March 02, 2007

You Stupid Kids...I Mean Voters

Say what you will about the ways the candidates are coming at us these days, but we've clearly evolved from our past excursions into political advertising.

Apparently in 1952, the team handling Eisenhower's campaign decided that the shallow population could be swayed by a horrific Disney-styled ad. The Eisenhower campaign had obviously discovered at this point that an annoying jingle repeated ad nauseum could get stuck in your head, subliminally telling you what to buy or for whom you should cast your vote. Note the parade of Ike supporters is devoid of any minority as they march in lockstep to the polls, past a booming industrial backdrop, smokestacks billowing postwar progress. (Wait, there might be an Italian guy in that parade, the pizza costume being the giveaway.) As you may know, Ike went on to win with ease. I hope it wasn't because of this crap. "Get in step with the guy who's hep..." Yeah. Will do.

WARNING: This song might get in your head and the author of Where's My Jetpack? will not be held responsible for that. You click "play" at your own risk.

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