Friday, April 06, 2007

I Don't Have an Easter Post

But since it's Good Friday, a day that reminds us of death, I thought I'd share a fun little craft project for the kids that I call "Near Death Experience." Enjoy!

The afterlife seems pretty fun, doesn’t it?

Many people who have had “near death experiences” tell us that it feels as though they’re traveling through a “long, dark tunnel with a light at the end.” Then they say they see their relatives who died waiting to greet them. They feel all warm and cozy and then someone says, “You must go back.”

Well, why wait until you die to find out what it’s like?
This project is simple and fun!


1. With a pair of scissors, cut a slot near the end of an empty paper towel roll.
2. Insert a picture of your dead grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or whoever you know who has died into the slot in the roll.
3. Turn off all the lights and hold the empty paper towel roll to your eye.
4 . Shine the flashlight through the other end.
5. Have your mom or dad say in a loud, low voice “You must go back.”

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