Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stock Photography - Stock Name

This new blight on the landscape is not far from the casa. The Certified Association Management Company (can a name be any more generic?) has erected a sign in front of their office (Suite 100, naturally) picturing your basic urban hipster imaginary office quartet comprised of dyed-red White female leader (she's freshly divorced, I'd bet), young soul-patch sporting dude who does double-duty representing the Hispanic or Arab demo, (ask any Mexican man how he was treated immediately after 9-11. It happens.) young Latina woman and of course, always relegated to the back, sans tie and fading away, Black man, because he likely works in the mailroom. (ask HighJive.)

At least they didn't go with "Black man and White man in matching dark business suits shake hands in glass and chrome setting."

I hate "business" stock photography, and now I hate it even more as I have to look at this atrocity on my way to 7-11 every morning. On your website, billboards or collateral materials? Excusable. But on your actual signage? On a street? Unpardonable, indefensible and punishable by public flogging.

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