Thursday, April 12, 2007

You're Welcome

As I told them to do back in January, TGI Fridays is now offering smaller portions.

As the story says, a focus group was commissioned 7 months ago that uncovered the "too much food" complaint, but I'll go ahead and assume that my tags drew the TGI Fridays corporate heads here and then they held a big meeting over too much food and nodded their heads in agreement with me, saying, "This Jetpacks person is right. If we don't do this first, we will look like copycats."
Oh, look! Racial harmony is possible at your local TGI Fridays. Here we have Sanjaya, Rosa and Derrick. What? No white people? Rosa is having a giant margarita. Derrick is minding his waistline with the salad. Sanjaya has just made a joke that he finds funnier than anyone else does. Isn't that the way it always works? Wait, is that a white nose in the lower right foreground? It might be, but it looks kinda large. Must be a wop.

( I can say "wop" because I'm 1/2 Italian. All the rest of you have to say "the w word.")

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