Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Lifetime of Privilege

Just a short drive from the Temple east on I-80 is Talisker Club at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah. It's like your own Celestial Kingdom, or at least it's heaven on earth. This is where you were meant to rejoice in all the goodness God has bestowed on you.

But let's be honest; good things have always come fairly easily to you. There's no doubt that you've worked hard, as your kind are known to do, but face it, you've enjoyed the benefits of a close-knit society that takes care of its own, not unlike the Masons. Or the Mafia.

You deserve a special place where your five blonde sons can learn the ancient ways of the privileged white man. You are a scoutmaster, a leader in your church, and your experimentations in polygamy and racism are nobody's business. Besides, you can afford it, and your wives and daughters are off shopping, skiing and sunning as they too, count their daily blessings.

Visit the website and watch the blindlingly white Flash slide show.

Scanned from the New York Times Sports Magazine, PLAY.

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