Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bald Bobble Bill

The Plaid Tour is the most well-executed advertising campaign for an advertising agency I've ever seen. From the concept of "Brand Aid" to the website with its little plaid van crossing the globe, these people have thought of everything. Regular updates via (cough) Twitter, instant messaging with van occupants, live camera, a growing Flickr set and the sneaking suspicion that when they get back at the end of the week, the press coverage alone should be responsible for even more new business. I expect to see this effort written up as a feature in some industry trades soon.

And Bill of MTLB finally got himself immortalized as a bobblehead figure on the Plaid "meet the staff" page. I've heard it joked that white guys can't do the bald thing very well. Bill pulls it off. He's likely using Plaid client HeadBlade to achieve the Mr. Clean look.

I predict this agency is about to explode, and I'm putting in my request now to be their Florida office.

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