Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pat's In a Metal Mood

I was over at Fred Leo's Hands Across the Porch, where he embedded the classic Shatner Rocket Man interpretation. ("Classic" to those of us who admire The Shat's limitless talents.)

And well, you know how the Internet works. One things leads to another and another and eventually you stumble upon some accidental gold you'd never seen before. Like Pat Boone's "In a Metal Mood - No More Mr. Nice Guy." (And you thought Hasselhoff had cornered the market on horrific cheese.)

This thing is apparently 10 years old, but it'd still make a great gag gift for the Heavy Metallurgist in your life. Which is sort of sad, because I'll bet Pat recorded this in utter sincerity. Looks like he got help from some well-known names during recording.

Here's an audio montage of samples of Pat doing Stairway to Heaven, Smoke on the Water, and The Wind Cries Mary. He also covers some GNR, AC/DC and Ozzy on the album.

Enjoy responsibly.

Buy this gem.

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