Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Smooth as a Baby's...Wait a Minute

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If this is test #43, I'd be curious to see the previous 42 and any subsequent tests. The babies seem not to mind having their butts rubbed on the face of a freshly shaved man, nor does the man appear to mind the baby butts on his face. This is just too weird. All in a day's work for the lab-coated scientists of the Schick Shave Lab.

I'm a disposable razor guy (sorry, Brits, I'm American - we're wasteful) and have found that Schick is in fact the only brand that won't leave me bloodied (thanks for nothing, Gillette). But I've been using the apparently old-school and now outdated "Xtreme 3" (with Triple Blade Closeness™.) Man, and I thought that razor was the end-all. This new one, the Quattro™, is obviously much better, as Quattro means 4, which is 1 more than 3.

(Scanned from yet another gratuitously self-referencing and filled with Hippie Nostalgia™ edition of Rolling Stone [July 2007], celebrating what they considered the Peak of Human History, the Summer of 1967, or the Summer of Love™, the same year the magazine was founded. RS even went so far as to create a 9-page list of The 40 Essential Albums™ of 1967. Gimme a break. There were actually that many albums released in '67 worth noting? Highly doubtful.)

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