Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Tees: Link Laundry

Throwing some stories /posts / thoughts I enjoyed or benefitted from in some way out on the line, found at a few of my regular stops in this giant Blog Mall.Fogies Fouling up FacebookPastor says put some pants on
Our USP: We're a Smoke Free Pub - Like All of themMadonna creates giant disturbance in the ForceNYT's David Brooks talks a big line of smug crapLazy Loser office roommates

(I found plenty of others, but was challenged beyond my abilities at the moment to come up with a good T-shirt design for them. If some of you would work on your Blog Branding™, I'll have something to work with for next Tuesday's airing of Freshly Laundered Links
. I know, you're busy doing real client work and putting in late hours. I'm not, obviously. Someone hire me.)

(And yes, Head of Captain Kirk is seen here wearing the one and only "Where's My Jetpack?" shirt in existence. His glasses, however, are not real Ray-Bans®.)

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