Thursday, August 30, 2007

Logo Needed

I will pay you in eternal gratitude and thanks. Or maybe we can trade for a writing assignment.

The organization: Order of American 'Scapers in Service (O.A.S.I.S. - formerly the Orlando Area Society of Independent 'Scapers. A crude overview of what it is can be found here. Website overhaul coming soon - and likely built around your logo.)

As you may know, I did time on a landscaping crew, which was when I hatched this idea. The organization will seek to recruit landscaping businesses for membership. Membership requires that landscapers donate a single lawn a week to charity - anonymously if they can get away with it - to widows, the elderly, sick - you know. We'll also try to turn it into a corporate retreat for fat executive teams who want to hang out in Orlando and find out what real work is all about. Team building exercise and all that - but with lots of sweat. When the workday is done, you get to go to Disney or Universal. We will not be held responsible for death by heat exhaustion, severed appendages, burns. etc.

I decided that keeping membership local was pretty limiting. Opening it up to the nation makes better sense. My original thoughts for a logo are literal and stupid - like a lawnmower moving across a map of the US. I'm not an artist. Colors used are up to you. Website can change to match whatever you come up with. The logo presented above was my lame attempt using the font "Punkass Bitch" and an old reel-style mower. It's pretty sucky.

Questions or submissions to jetpacks (AT) gmail (dot) com.

Oh - and if you could - I really want it to "pop," ya know?

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