Monday, August 06, 2007

Taking Advantage of The Clueless Masses

So, let's pretend you're the Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation out of Perrysburg, Ohio, just down the river from Toledo. Since 1985 you've been committed to being the number one supplier of used Tube, Pipe and Rollform Machinery in the world. Your presence in the industry has always been strong and honorable, working with companies locally and all over the world. Years ago you registered the domain name And then along comes some upstart named YouTube and suddenly you've got people on your site looking for "Fire in the Hole" fastfood prank videos, or they're searching for "hot girl dances on webcam." They want all kinds of things that you as a leading used tube rollform machinery supplier just don't stock. Yet.

Check out the search bar these guys added to the top of their homepage, along with helpful links for you to find Shakira, Blackjack, Ringtones and more. Making some cash on the side just by giving the people what they want. Go, UTube.

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