Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Deborah Harry! No, It's Madonna!

Well, at least we have a preview of what Madonna will look like in a few years. I've never seen a better example of how to repackage and sell something so unusable and previously rejected as the excellent job the Clinton campaign is doing of making Hillary look like one of us. Currently on her "Middle Class Express" tour, this candidate is something to behold. Political science majors, take note. Advertisers, take note.

  • Frequency
  • Stick to "the message"
  • Hammer relentlessly your focus group-approved talking points
  • Make-up - lots and lots of make-up
  • Demonize your opposition
  • Be "warm," and "approachable"
  • Laugh - laugh from the gut

No, I'm not "getting" political. "Where's My Jetpack?" has always been political - just under the surface, brewing like a cauldron of molten rage.

Independent, as always, but when I see bullshit, I have to raise my hand.

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