Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tart Art

This image is titled "Hope" by camera phone artist "Jetpacks"

"I wanted to capture the sparseness of being in a cubicle for 8 hours a day. The isolation. The cold metal drawers housing the bare essentials of scissors, stapler and the crude tools of the modern office worker. But rather than a composition of utter bleakness, I wanted a symbol within the image that stood for hope and possibility, something to convey the dreams and aspirations of so many imprisoned souls."

Asked if he was attempting some sort of User Generated Art for Kellogg's, the artist responded, "My art is not about the sale. It's about the experience. And for this particular piece, I envisioned a tribute to the life-giving properties of the humble PopTart®. But if Kellogg's is interested in retaining me for future endeavors or perhaps wants to license this image or adopt this concept for packaging or promotion, let's start talking cash. I can imagine an entire microsite filled with photographs of PopTarts, PopTart sculptures and paintings, even videos of PopTarts, created by people from all walks of life and from every country. The PopTart is universal. It can unite us."

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