Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guitar Nation

so shapelyGuitarists are gunslingers and poets are swordsmen.
Your aim is true or it is off.
Your blade is dull or it is sharp.
Kill or be killed.
Alexander Hamilton

It is estimated that as many as 75% of American homes have within them a guitar. Granted, that guitar may be stringless and in the attic, but it is still there. It is also estimated that as many as 80% of all American males and 50% of American females have attempted at one time to learn to play the guitar.

We live in GuitarNation. (Not to be confused with the nation of Qatar.) What’s in your player right now? Whatever it is, it probably has a guitar in it.

At $5,499, this guitar is a luxury few can afford, but I lust after it. It's not just the color, the insane technology or even the name Gibson.

I contend that the guitar's popularity owes much to Hogarth's Line of Beauty.

The quote from Hamilton is made up, as are the percentages of guitars in homes and attempted players.

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